About us

  • AdServing Factory is a team of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the online media industry. We have various expertises on the software architecture writing, media buying plus strategy building and implementing. We have key partners both national and world wide.

    Our Mission is to help customers with good advice when it comes to media investment and run flawless activities when it comes to managing budget and delivering agreed KPIs.

    Our View on doing business is to promote smart technologies that can help automate as many processes without taking things to absurd. Yet, sometimes a human eye can easily see a better way than the output of a complicated machine made solution. We know when to automate and when to do things manually. We connect the advertisers who know exactly how much budget they have and not a single cent more with publishers who understand that relevant, original, quality and targeted content is the key to a ever returning visitor.

    We like to be transparent in what we do. When you are transparent in what you do and you are consistent in delivering on time people trust you. We like it when our business partners relay on us to find new solutions to their requests. We take each new, out of the box request and find a smart solution.