Ad Server technology for Mobile Apps

Monetizing mobile apps can be a challenge. AdF1's ad management SDKs for Android and iOS means that app publishers can both tap into existing mobile ad networks and sell their own ads to maximise revenue. AdF1 supports all the latest IAB Standard Ad Units so that advertisers have the greatest flexibility possible.

Furthermore, for those app publishers that also run traditional banner and digital advertising operations it is possible to run both types of operation from the same AdF1 interface.

Advertiser/Agency Portal

AdF1 allows publishers to give special portal access to their advertisers or agency partners. The portal gives advertisers or agencies the ability to create new orders as well as generate and download reports on their existing campaigns. The access is strictly controlled so advertisers or agencies can only see reports on their campaign.

Targeting and Re-Targeting

AdF1 offers publishers the chance to offer behavioural, contextual and socio-demographic targeting of ads to advertisers. This combined with post-view and post-click analysis means that advertisers have the opportunity to measure campaign performance against more than just clicks or impressions.

Business Intelligence: Reports, Forecasting and Anti-Fraud

When a quick overview is required AdF1 offers an intuitive dashboard with advanced view/interaction/first screen analysis. However, when more detailed analysis is needed a large number of standard reports are offered by the system, everything from a global campaign report to breakdowns of impressions, uniques, ads, site, creative, frequency, geo, time. These reports can be generated with only 30 minute delay. Ad-Hoc reports can usually be generated within the hour. There is a special OLAP reporting interface with pricing and performance values.

Historic inventory data is used to create forecasts for future campaigns. The more data accumulated in the system the accurate the forecast is likely to be, however, just 7 days data is enough to make initial forecasts.

Furthermore, AdF1 adheres to IAB Click Measurement Guidelines and utilizes sophisticated spam and anti-fraud filters. In this way publishers can demonstrate their data integrity and let their advertiser clients know that they are getting value for money.