EAS Ad Server for Publishers

MULTI SITE/NETWORK Easy and powerfull site and network management. Single site usage or multiple ad networks ad operations follow the same administration effort. Advanced featured async non-blocking ad tags, cross device.
DYNAMIC ALLOCATION Automatic delivery allocation for all selling types: direct, inhouse, realtimebidding with best-effort algorithm in stack to maximize revenue and quick adjust delivery stack in any real context.
RTB READY We are OpenRTB 2.2, 2.4 compliant and connected with major OpenRTB programmatic global hubs. We can connect your inventory to any native ad DSPs.

A Better Ad Server for Publishers

Increase your ad revenue stream with EAS and a smart deployment scenario: 1st party Ad Server, AdSense/AdX/DFP and RTB connectors.

Our approach not only massively reduces compliance costs and legal risk to B2C publishers, but also increases operational flexibility.

EAS can deliver all formats from video (in-stream or out-stream), to native and mobile specific formats, mixing all internal and external demand with a smooth and user friendly browser experience.

By default, Enterprise Ad Server for publishers does not drop cookies, does not collect personal data from devices, and does not require consent to deliver ads.

Why EAS is better for Publishers

  • No cost implementation for publishers.

    Implementing an ad sever can be a complex process. This is why support for all new ad server implementations are provided free of charge to publishers. Our support is some of the best in the industry so you can be up and running in just a couple of days.

  • EAS do not use any cookies.

    AdServing Factory Enterprise Ad Server, by default, does not drop cookies, does not collect personal data from devices, and does not require consent to deliver ads.

  • EAS protects and enables first-party-party data.

    We do not capture and store publisher data for our own business purposes, hence AdServing Factory provides EAS for publishers as a Data Processor. We minimise all data use to what is strictly necessary. Thirdly, our technology restricts access to any publisher first-party data to the publisher.

    Publishers can use their own first-party data to sell ad media on their sites and apps. AdServing Factory’s Enterprise Ad Server for publishers is ready for integrations with publisher’s CMP.

  • EAS handles all display format types.

    AdServing Factory’s Enterprise Ad Server for publishers provides publishers and networks with a full selection of ad format options including HTML5, Rich Media (such as overlays, interscrollers and takeover-style formats), Instream/Outstream Video (VAST2.0), Dynamic Creative and Native formats. Custom ad formats can also be supported upon request.

  • EAS handles all screen types.

    AdServing Factory’s Enterprise Ad Server for publishers simplifies the campaign management process. Enterprise Ad Server for publishers works with all screens: mobile, tablet and desktop. Brands do not have to worry about implementing different platforms for different devices.

  • EAS provides consolidated reporting.

    The big changes brought about by GDPR means that many traditional tools used by publishers to measure basic campaign attributes such as reach and frequency are unlawful. AdServing Factory’s Enterprise Ad Server for publishers works within the rules of GDPR to provide media buying and ad ops teams with a near-real-time unified reporting platform for measurement and reporting.

  • EAS provides advanced sales mediation and optimisation.

    Enterprise Ad Server for publishers enables publishers to manage and optimise all revenue sources: direct, programmatic and ad network mediation. AdServing Factory’s proven holistic yield optimisation algorithms ensure that each impression is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximise your overall revenue.

    This means all types of programmatic sales, such as Open Auction and PMPs, can work alongside traditional tenancy, or CPM sales. Enterprise Ad Server for publishers automatically compares competing sales channels (including consent permissioned targeted advertising) to make sure that whenever an ad placement is available it goes to the highest paying buyer. Enterprise Ad Server for publishers dynamically allocates ads by comparing all sales network activity: traffic and inventory forecasting, delivery targets, guaranteed campaign commitments, offers, and targeting parameters.

  • EAS for publishers is open standards-based.

    AdServing Factory has created Enterprise Ad Server for publishers by combining advanced programmatic technology with the internationally recognised identity, personal data and encryption standards that are used in many eGovernment services across the world (including the UK and US). We use existing open standards defined by ISO, Kantara CISWG: Consent Receipt and UMA, to provide scalable user trust and interoperability for consent services industry.

  • We help publishers and networks implement EAS for publishers.

    AdServing Factory has some of the best support in the industry. Depending on your in-house capabilities we can provide either email and phone-based guidance or on-site support.