AdServing Factory Exchange (AUX)

For media owners
AdServing Factory’s sophisticated first-party ad server solutions for both advertisers and publishers build on this legacy of transparency.
For advertisers
We have the trust of our customers through many years of providing advanced and transparent advertising solutions for media agencies.
Small publishers
Our advanced ad technology helps publishers to manage and monetize better their ad inventory

AdServing Factory Exchange (AUX) provides media sales services for publishers that protect privacy and reduce compliance costs and risks for publishers. AUX leverages our technology, programmatic connections and our agency and direct client relationships. AUX can integrate with existing sales operations or work as a stand-alone solution.

AUX transparently optimises ad revenue taking into consideration fill rate, eCPM and campaign targets of direct sold campaigns. This means all types of programmatic sales can work alongside traditional tenancy or CPM sales. We treat all sales channels equally (unlike most of our competitors) and do not bias in favour of certain agencies or advertisers.

AUX provides a sophisticated and scalable solution to simultaneously manage, deliver, optimise sales across all display channels. AUX can deliver all formats from video (in-stream or out-stream), to native and mobile. AdServing Factory products come with some of the best integration and operational support in the industry so you can be up and running in just a couple of weeks.

  • AUX is GDPR ready.

    AUX is designed to work in harmony within GDPR rules and to provide GDPR safeguards. We reduce the compliance cost and risk to publishers because we eliminate or minimise the use of personal data.

  • AUX handles all display ad formats.

    AUX provides publishers with a full selection of ad format options including HTML5, Rich Media (such as overlays and takeover-style formats), Instream/Outstream Video (VAST2.0), Dynamic Creative and Native formats. Custom ad formats can also be supported upon request.

    We can provide you with AdServing Factory VAST/VPAID player SDK to monetize your video inventory. FlowPlayer, VideoJS integrations as ready to use.

  • AUX handles all screen types.

    AUX simplifies the campaign management process. AUX works with all screens: mobile, tablet and desktop. Publishers do not have to worry about implementing different platforms for different devices.

  • AUX supports tag Passback.

    AUX implements tag-level passback for unsold impression. Any major ad technology supported: Google AdSense, Google Ad Exchage (AdX), Google Ads (DFP, GPT). Direct publisher control over all parameters at tag level. Easy implementation.

  • AUX Advanced Tag Options.

    AUX tag supports advanced option like: Trigger and Callback custom functions, External Impression and Click Tracking.

  • AUX comes with full AdServing Factory Customer Support.

    Our experienced Customer Support team are fully dedicated to our customers and their business. Our team can customise our products to fit specific requirements. Each AdServing Factory product comes with extensive Knowledge Base searchable user guide.